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Front gates

All models are designed or restyled by the Giannattasio technical department, which get inspiration above all by the front gates of elegant buildings, farmhouses, residences and manors of the classical and neoclassical ages.

Giannattasio front gates are manufactureed with  high quality materials: first quality wood and  refined design accessories.

The wood used is originally carefully selected, it is dessiccated in ovens at controlled temperature, and is seasoned in Giannattasio firm, according to its natural pace. This accurate process has the objective of guaranteeing duration and stability to all products.

The raw matters used for manufactures are carefully selected taking into account their impact on the environment, privileging and recommending reforestation wood.
The different models are enriched with adjustable hinges, wrought iron gratings, antidraught brushes, stratified glasses,  artisan made knobs and knockers.
Giannattasio firm offers a wide selection of front gates, either of  single wing or double wing front gates, and they can be varied on customers' request.

Giannattasio wooden front gates are:

  • mainly available in different wood essences, that is Mahogany, Meranti, Pine, Douglas, Oak and Chestnut;
  • finished with primer varnishes in different colours, such as Oak, Chestnut, Larch, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, Brown walnut, Dark walnut, Brennero Walnut, Wood green.
Besides the above said models, the technical staff of our firm can manufacture tailored products according to the drawings and instructions of interior designers, technicians and customers.

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